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Canadians buried in Wallasey-Wirral Cemetery:

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Name Date of Birth Date of Death
Devereux, Daniel 1960
Elliott, Donald George 1956

Wallasey-Wirral Cemetery

Main Entrance to the Rake Cemetery in Wallasey

In the years following World War II, many Canadian military members served with units of the British Military. As was the situation with the Canadians serving in continental Europe, there were deaths among its members - many from training accidents. The Canadian military members were buried in cemeteries throughout the United Kingdom, generally close to where they died.

Wallasey-Wirral is a town at the mouth of the Mersey River and linked by tunnel to Liverpool on the opposite shore. It is the northern terminus of the M53 motorway which goes to Chester and to Manchester as it meets the M56.

Wallasey-Wirral is an amalgamation of seven townships, one of which is Liscard. It is at Liscard where the Rake Lane Cemetery is located. There are two Canadian service people buried here.

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