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Steve Michlosky

In memory of:

Trooper Steve Michlosky

April 8, 1945

Military Service

Service Number:







Royal Canadian Dragoons, R.C.A.C.


1st Armoured Car Regiment

Additional Information


July 1, 1923
Brule, Alberta

Steve Michlosky was the second son and third child of Paul and Lena Michlowski (née Kyryluk). A second sister died in infancy in 1924. His eldest brother was John C. Mitchosky and sister Mary. His younger siblings were brother Peter Michlosky and sisters Anne, Sophie and Helen.

Commemorated on Page 545 of the Second World War Book of Remembrance. Request a copy of this page. Download high resolution copy of this page.

Burial Information

Grave Reference:

X. G. 14.


Holten is a village 20 kilometres east of the town of Deventer, on the main A1 motorway from Amsterdam to Bremen in Germany. Following the A1 motorway, turn off at exit 26 and follow the N332 in the direction of Holten. Follow the N332 until reaching a signpost for Holterberg. Turn right onto the N344 in the direction of Holten, then at the T junction turn left towards Holten and follow this road to the roundabout. Take second exit then turn first right towards Holterberg. Follow this road uphill until you see a green Commission sign pointing to the right. Turn right down the track and follow to the end. Turn left and the cemetery lies along here on the left hand side.

Historical Information: The Netherlands fell to the Germans in May 1940 and was not re-entered by Allied forces until September 1944. The great majority of those buried in Holten Canadian War Cemetery died during the last stages of the war in Holland, during the advance of the Canadian 2nd Corps into northern Germany, and across the Ems in April and the first days of May 1945. After the end of hostilities the remains of over 1,300 Canadian soldiers were brought together into this cemetery.

Information courtesy of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Digital Collection

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  • Memorial– Tpr Steve Michloskey is commemorated in a plaque in a memorial park in Lettele, Netherlands. The memorial park is located at the corner of Bathmenseweg & Oerdijk Streets, Lettele, Netherlands.

photo courtesy of Thomas Skelding
  • Photo of Steve Michlosky– Trooper Steve Michlosky somewhere in Italy - mid 1944, just before or after his twenty-first birthday.
  • Photo of Steve in England– Trooper Steve Michlosky in battle dress sporting the Springbok cap badgeof the Royal Canadian Dragoons - England 1943.
  • Photo of Steve and John– Tpr. Steve Michlosky with his eldest brother John C. Mitchosky - Winnipeg in August 1942.
  • Photo of Steve and Peter– Steve Michlosky with his younger brother Peter on left at home on the farm - winter of 1937/38.
  • Sicily 1943– Tpr. Steve Michlosky on right and friends - Sicily 1943. The Canadian Volunteer Service Medal Ribbon worn by his two friends and awarded after eighteen months service was established on October 22, 1943 and was awarded to Steve on February 8, 1944 in Italy.
  • Photo of Steve and Friends– Steve Michlosky on right with his friends taking a break from harvest chores - 1933.
  • Group photo in September 1942– Trooper Steve Michlosky is in the second row from the top, 6th from left and 5th from right.  Photograph dated September 4, 1942.
  • Photo of Steve and family– Steve Michlosky with his brother John's children - niece and nephew Rita & Roger (The Twins) and nephew Bobby. In Red Lake, Ontario - June 1942.
  • Group Photo– Trooper Steve Michlosky's family on the farm - Spring 1944. Back row - brother John & sister-in-law Kay, sisters Sophie & Anne. Front row - sister Helen, father Paul with Roger, mother Lena with Rita, Bobby, uncle Stanley Michlowski. Photo by his brother Peter -Absent is his older sister Mary and her husband Mike Paseshnik and their two year old son Ronald.
  • Photo of Mary– Trooper Steve Michlosky's older sister Mary Paseshnik - May 1946.
  • Lynx Scout Car– Tpr. Steve Michlosky drove a Lynx I armoured scout car similar to the one pictured above in Italy, 1944. The Trooper in the photo is unidentified but I like to imagine this to be a typical posture of my uncle Steve writing one of his many letters to family and friends back home.
  • Group Photo in March 1945– Trooper Steve Michlosky was among this group of RCD troops being briefed enroute to Leghorn, Italy to load onto LST's for crossover to Marseilles, France - March 1945. (Photo courtesy of The Royal Canadian Dragoons official website)
  • Photo of Steve Michlosky– Trooper Steve Michlosky cut out the portrait of King George VI and taped his studio photograph onto the back of this 10" x 12" certificate.  He gave it to his eldest brother John C. Mitchosky as a gift mounted in a chromed steel frame.  It is the first picture taken of him in uniform.  He was 19 years old.
  • Biography– A short biography of Trooper Steve Michlosky, 1st Armoured Car Regiment, Royal Candian Dragoons, (R.C.A.C), "D" Squadron, who died on Sunday, April 8, 1945.
  • Postcard– My uncle, Trooper Steve Michlosky, sent me this postcard from Syracuse, Sicily, when I was four years old.
  • Letter of 1943 p.1– Earliest surviving letter from Trooper Steve Michlosky - England, July 16, 1943 - Page 1 of 3.
  • Letter of 1943 p.2– Earliest surviving letter from Trooper Steve Michlosky - England, July 16, 1943
  • Letter of 1943 p.3– Earliest surviving letter from Trooper Steve Michlosky - England, July 16, 1943.
  • Letter 1944– February 26, 1944 letter to his younger brother Peter. The location would be at the Arielli River, Italy.
  • June 1944 letter– June 10, 1944 letter to his eldest brother John telling of his friend losing his foot to an exploding enemy shell as they were getting into their scout car.
  • July 1944 letter  p.1– July 4, 1944 page one of a two page letter telling his brother John of incident leading to telegrams to their mother about his being wounded.
  • July 1944 letter  p.2– Second page of the July 4, 1944 letter to his brother John telling of what the Canadian Army paid their soldiers sent into "harms way." At the time he wrote this letter he was near the Volturno River, Italy.
  • January 1945 letter  p.1– January 2, 1945 - Page 1 of 3 - Trooper Steve Michlosky's last surviving letter to his brother John - on the Senio Dykes, Italy.
  • January 1945 letter  p.2– January 2, 1945 - Page 2 of 3 - last surviving letter from Trooper Steve Michlosky to his brother John - at the Senio Dykes, Italy.
  • January 1945 letter  p.3– January 2, 1945 - page 3 of 3 - last surviving letter from Trooper Steve Michlosky to his eldest brother John C. Mitchosky - from the Senio Dykes front, Senio River, Italy.
  • Telegram– June 2, 1944 telegram to his mother reporting her son was wounded. It was near the Melfa river, Italy.
  • Telegram 2– June 3, 1944 telegram to his mother that previous report of her son being wounded was in error.
  • Telegram– April 17, 1945 telegram to Mrs. Lena Michlosky informing her that her son Steve was killed in action on April 8, 1945.
  • Sympathy Letter 04/45– April 23, 1945 copy of letter to Tpr. Steve Michlosky's mother giving expression of regret and sympathy.
  • Official Letter, July 2, 1946– July 2, 1946 copy of letter to Tpr. Steve Michlosky's mother informing her of the exhumation her son's remains from his temporary gravesite and re-burial in the Canadian Military Cemetary near Holten, Holland.
  • Medals– These medals are from the Veterans Affairs Canada collection. Trooper Steve Michlosky's medals and his mother's "Silver Cross" were buried with her in 1963 out of respect for her request.
  • Artifacts– Artifacts included with "Articles of Intrinsic or Sentimental Value" from "Inventory of Effects" retrieved after Trooper Steve Michlosky was Killed In Action. The Canadian Volunteer Service Medal and Clasp Ribbon and RCD shoulder flashes are all that remain of the effects sent to his mother.
  • Troopship– The American troopship, the "Edmund B. Alexander", on which Trooper Steve Michlosky with the Royal Canadian Dragoons and the Headquarters of 1st Canadian Corps and elements of 5th Canadian Armoured Division embarked on October 23, 1943. They disembarked at the Sicilian harbour of Augusta on November 9th.
  • Lake Michlosky– This aerial photograph is of the Lake that was named in honour of Trooper Steve Michlosky by The Manitoba Geographical Commemorative Names Program on April 26, 1972. It is in the remote North-West corner of the Province.
  • Map– Map showing location 8 KM north-east of Deventer, Holland where Trooper Steve Michlosky was killed in action on April 8, 1945.
  • Biography– Submitted for the project, Operation: Picture Me
  • Attestation Paper (front)– Trooper Steve Michlosky's Attestation Paper
  • Gravemarker– Trooper Steve Michlosky's final resting place.  Inscription submitted by his eldest brother John C. Mitchosky.
  • Medical Certificate– Certificate of Medical Examination as a recruit - July 23,1942 in Red Lake, Ontario
  • Grave Marker

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