Veterans Memorial Park Bandstand

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Municipality/Province: Langford, BC

Memorial Number: 59005-047

Type: Park, bandstand and plaque

Address: At the cross roads of Goldstream Avenue and Veterans Memorial Parkway

Location: Veterans Memorial Park

GPS Coordinates: Lat: 48.44653   Long: -123.49537

Contributor: Harry Groom

Excerpts from the brochure of the Veterans Memorial Park, Prince Edward Branch #91, The Royal Canadian Legion, Langford, BC:

Prince Edward Branch of the West Shore Communities of Victoria, in conjunction with, the Langford Municipality organized and implemented the development of the Veterans Memorial Park. It is approximately 2.5 acres, which includes a picnic area, water feature, playground, benches for relaxing, and an area for shooting hoops. The park opened 19 September 2001 at a cost of approximately $450,000.00 with our Branch providing the new War Memorial. The Canadian Merchant Navy Veterans' Association dedicated this Bandstand to all Canadian Women Mariners who served their country in Wartime. Our Candelight tribute that we hold every year in conjunction with the anniversary of Vimy Ridge on April 9th, is a commemorative ceremony to inspire and engage young Canadians to learn about Canadian military history in the cause of peace and freedom. Youth and a Veteran or serving member of the Armed Forces will place candles together, during the ceremony, in a symbolic passing of the torch of remembrance. Their legacy, our heritage, and our future! During the dedication ceremony on October 14th 2001, candles were placed on the Memorial by youth representing local Cadets, Guides and Scouts. The parade, approximately 450 strong, consisted of Legion Members, Military, other Veterans groups from around Victoria, RCMP, and Fire Department. Every year on November 11th members of the West Shore Communities gather at Veterans Park to remember all those who gave so much for our freedom.

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[bandstand plaque/plaque du kiosque à musique]


Eliza Kennedy Stewardess SS Hesperian September 4, 1915
Jane Johnstone Stewardess SS Missanabie September 9, 1918
Mary Elizabeth Oliphant Stewardess SS Missanabie September 9, 1918
Hannah Baird Stewardess SS Athenia September 4, 1939
Lillie C. Cook-Corbeil Stewardess SS Lady Hawkins January 19, 1942
Eileen Pomeroy Second Cook SS George L. Torian February 22, 1942
Bride Fitzpatrick Stewardess SS Caribou October 14, 1942
Maude Elizabeth Steane Second Radio Officer SS Viggo Hansteen August 14, 1944

[park plaque/plaque du parc]
Veterans Park

Dedicated on September 19, 2001 by
His Worship Mayor Stewart Young
Councillors Denis Blackwell, Winie Sifert, Gordon Maxwell,
Lanny Seaton, John Goudy, and Heather Ashton

This park was donated by the citizens of Langford as a tribute
to Veterans of wars past and the armed forces who continue
to serve Canada. Special thanks are given to the Chamber of Commerce and the Prince Edward Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion who provided the memorial.

The park is meant for the enjoyment of residents and visitors
to Langford and will serve as a civic square for Downtown
Langford. Please take the time to remember those who have
served our country while you use the park.

Mayor Stewart Young


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