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A Pilgrim's Scrapbook

Paul Reginald Wilson grew up in Nova Scotia never knowing his father Don. Don Wilson made the ultimate sacrifice while serving with the Canadian Railway Troops of the Royal Canadian Army in 1917.

When Paul was 19, he was given the opportunity to travel to France for the dedication (back) of the Canadian National Vimy Memorial on July 26th, 1936. Needless to say, Paul jumped at the opportunity because he would finally get the chance to visit the final resting place of his father at the Bucquoy Road Cemetery. This was Paul’s first time outside of Nova Scotia.

He departed from Montréal on July 16th on the RMS Antonia. En route to the Vimy Memorial, Mr. Wilson attended several banquets for Veterans and victims of the war. Paul was amazed by the Vimy Memorial. "It was just a wonder! It was so huge and all those names inscribed on it – what a wonderful way to show how we remember all the boys that were left there. I was quite impressed." While he was at the site, he also got a chance to walk through the trenches and tunnels at Vimy.

The Vimy Memorial had great meaning to his family and for the people back home who also lost loved ones. During his journey, Paul kept the documents associated with his trip.

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