Paardeberg Memorial - Vendusie Drift Garden of Remembrance

Stone memorial in the Vendusiedrift Garden of Remembrance

Credit: The Royal Canadian Regiment

Vendusie Drift Garden of Remembrance

The men buried in the Vendusie Drift Garden of Remembrance lost their lives during the Battle of Paardeberg (February 18–27, 1900), which was the first major engagement for Canadian troops in the South African War. The highest single-day losses our soldiers suffered in the conflict came on the battle’s opening day when 18 Canadians were killed and 60 were wounded. The Battle of Paardeberg would be the first significant victory for the British forces in the war. The special memorial stone erected in the Garden of Remembrance commemorates all those believed to be buried in the cemetery without a headstone.


The Vendusie Drift Garden of Remembrance is located in the Boshof District of Free State, South Africa. It is 9.1 km from the Paardeberg Museum. Follow the dirt road and turn right at the Cannon sign, travel 600 m, turn right, and travel a further 200 m.

A total of 34 Canadians—all members of the 2nd (Special Service) Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment of Infantry—lay at rest there.

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