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Remembrance Moments - Afghanistan

Remembrance Moments

Remembrance Moments - Afghanistan

Remembrance Moments Canada’s Role in Afghanistan

In New York City, the World Trade Centre twin towers shortly following the second airplane impact on September 11, 2001

September 11, 2001

Smoke billows over the NYC skyline as the towers collapse

The world is shocked

Canadian Armed Forces fighter jets, Halifax-class frigates and tanks

The war against terrorism begins

Canadian soldiers board a large Royal Canadian Air Force transportation jet, followed by military personnel aboard a transport jet and the jet landing on a runway

Canada joins the international response

Soldiers exit through the back of a large helicopter

Our largest deployment since the Second World War

Two soldiers ride atop a tank, followed by a tank driving on a dirt road in an arid region

In night vision: Soldiers board onto an aircraft at night, followed by soldiers onboard an aircraft at night

More than 40,000 Canadians serve

Multiple shots of a Halifax-class frigate

Defending the international fleet

Naval ship operators at work aboard a Canadian vessel

A member of the Canadian Armed Forces sits in a helicopter and looks out over the desert while stationed at an automatic rifle

Fighting a brutal enemy

Soldiers take position with their weapons behind a wall

Aboard a helicopter an automatic rifle is fired

While taking cover behind a wall, soldiers fire shots beyond the wall

A tank fires a single shot

Overthrowing the Taliban

Soldiers engaging in fire exchange while maintaining cover

Soldiers are trained in minesweeping through the use of a metal detector

Training an army

An Afghani soldier uses a metal detector to sweep for mines

A local boy talks with a Canadian soldier

Rebuilding a nation

Two Canadian soldiers talk with a group of school aged children

Canadian soldiers partake in a meeting with local Afghani men

A single Canadian soldier marches in front of a jeep

158 Canadian men and women lose their lives

Eight soldiers take place behind a jeep carrying the coffin of a fallen Canadian soldier

A coffin draped in the

Canadian flag is carried aboard a transport jet as military personnel stand at attention and salute

Over 2,000 are wounded

A procession line to the open aircraft allows soldiers to pay their respects to the fallen soldier

Many more suffer the psychological scars

A procession line to the open aircraft allows soldiers to pay their respects to the fallen soldier

Soldiers walk through the military compound together at dawn

Fighting for peace, freedom and human rights

A coffin draped in the Canadian flag is carried by eight soldiers

We salute their service

Four coffins, carrying four Canadian soldiers are carried onto a transport jet

Image of the Canadian flag draped over a coffin onboard an aircraft while surrounding military personnel stand at attention

And sacrifice #RememberThem

Military personnel standing at attention for a moment of silence during a Remembrance Day ceremony

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Canada’s Role in Afghanistan

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