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Remembrance Day

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Cyprus, My First Tour

Initially a culture shock, Mr. Bradley shares his positive views on his mission to Cyprus.

Pride of Service

Ms. MacDonald reflects back on her time in the military and stresses the importance of remembering those who were lost as well as their families who suffer as well.

Reasons for Joining up

Mr. Carter-Edwards speaks about growing up quite secluded and hoped that the Air Force would help him break out of his shell.

Combat and War

Trained in the army as a supply technician, Mr. Morrison shares the reality of war when encountering conflict he had never thought he would experience.

Adjusting to Society

Mr Dove reflects on the philosophy adopted in the readjusting process.

Medals Mean Something

Mr. Desmeules expresses the importance of engaging the youth about the service provided by our Veterans and the significance of their medals.

A Turning Point in History

Major-General MacKenzie provides some historical background as to how he was chosen by the UN to command troops in Croatia and set up headquarters in Sarajevo.

The Role of a Signalman

Mr. Carney provides detail of his responsibilities as a signalman and how he maintained the communication lines.

In the Heat of War

Mr. Wiseman describes his presence in Bosnia as a real eye opener while being there for the purpose of providing humanitarian aid.

Starving in Holland

Mr. Gouchie describes the conditions in Holland when it was liberated by the Canadians.

Death and Danger

Mr. St. Denis recalls the death and danger he faced daily while in Rwanda.

Italian Campaign

Mr. Colbourne talks about fighting in Italy

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