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Interviewer: Can you tell me a little bit about comradery in the service? I think the best thing about Canada's military, it doesn't matter if your purple, green or orange, whether you're sixteen, seventeen, or fifteen, you're all soldiers, you're all soldiers, you're all one. It didn't matter when I was going through the service, whether I was that dirty little half breed, it didn't matter if I was Indian. What mattered was, was I ready to go to work everyday? Was I ready to do my job? And did I support the people who depended on me? And as long as I did that, I was accepted. And when I didn't do that, they come up, and they told me, "Get a grip. It's time to go to work." And so, we were all equals, all sharing the same heartaches, the same laughter, and the same joys. And that was what was important. Interviewer: When you look back on your service, with your soldiers, your comrades, the people you work with, were you always confident that you would succeed in your duty? Always. There was never a doubt. Interviewer: Are you proud of the service you gave to Canada? I am extremely proud. I am humbled, I am humbled because this country allowed me to serve. I am humbled, because I had Veterans who believed in me, who allowed me to serve with them.

Mr Borchert explains his appreciation for Veterans who encouraged him to succeed during his service, and how all soldiers are equal no matter of race.

Ed Borchert

Mr. Borchert was born in 1944, in Red Deer, Alberta. In 1964, Mr Borchert joined the Forces at Currie Barracks in Calgary and became a member of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI).Throughout his 31 years of service, Mr. Borchert served overseas and in every province in Canada. He remains very proud of his service, and appreciative toward the Canadian military for the opportunities it provided him.Mr. Borchert ended his career as the Regimental Major of the PPCLI and began fighting for Veterans rights. Today he holds the position of president of the National Metis Veterans Association campaigning and working for his people to gain recognition and benefits for their military service to Canada.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Ed Borchert
Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI)

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