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Gulf War

1990 – 1991

The Gulf War of the early 1990s was an important chapter in Canada’s military history. More than 4,000 Canadians served in the Persian Gulf region in 1990-1991 as part of a Coalition of countries. Their goal was to remove the invading forces of Iraq from neighboring Kuwait. Canadians also served in peacekeeping and embargo enforcement efforts in the region after the war. This was the first conflict where Canadian women played an active combat role.

28 February 2021 marks the 30th anniversary of the end of the Gulf War.

Classroom materials

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Lesson plan: 5-11

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To increase youth awareness of Canadian Armed Forces efforts in the Gulf War.

Lesson plan: 12-18

The Canadian Armed Forces and the Gulf War Fact Quest

To increase youth awareness of Canadian Armed Forces efforts during the 1990-1991 Gulf War.

Lesson plan: Ages 12-18

Dear friend in the Gulf War

To encourage youth to write thank you letters to Canadian Veterans who served in the Gulf War.


2 August 1990

More than 100,000 Iraqi troops invade Kuwait

7-8 August 1990

The United States begins Operation Desert Shield

10 August 1990

Canadian government announces military support in Persian Gulf

12 August 1990

Coalition naval blockade of Iraq begins

24 August 1990

Canadian warships set sail from Halifax for Persian Gulf

8 October 1990

First Canadian CF-18 jets arrive in the Middle East

15 January 1991

Iraq ignores United Nations deadline to withdraw from Kuwait

16-17 January 1991

Operation Desert Storm begins as Coalition forces launch first air attacks

24 February 1991

Major Coalition ground offensive begins

28 February 1991

Coalition announces a ceasefire and stops combat operations

3 March 1991

Iraq accepts ceasefire terms

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