Grave-marker maintenance

Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) maintains all graves and grave markers, at home and abroad, that the Government of Canada provided and installed.

About this program

If you know of a Veteran’s grave or grave marker in need of maintenance, please contact Veterans Affairs Canada or the Commonwealth War Grave Commission.

Which graves qualify?

On behalf of the Government of Canada, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) cares for the graves of 110,355 Canadian men and women who died during the First and Second World Wars.

Those who died while serving the military of a Commonwealth nation during the periods listed below are considered war dead and are the responsibility of the CWGC.

  • First World War - August 4, 1914 to August 31, 1921
  • Second World War - September 3, 1939 to December 31, 1947

VAC is responsible for maintaining more than 200,000 graves of Canadian Armed Forces members who died outside of the dates listed above.

How to apply

If you know about a war grave that needs maintenance or you require additional information please contact the Commonwealth War Graves Commission’s Canadian Agency at or 613-992-3224.

If you know about a Veteran’s military grave that requires maintenance or is unmarked, or you require additional information, contact Cemetery Maintenance at or 902 626-2440.

Additional information

Find out more

The Memorials and Cemetery/Grave Maintenance Program maintains VAC memorials, cemeteries and grave markers in Canada and throughout the world.

The Canadian Virtual War Memorial is an online registry that honours Canadians who have given their lives in service to their country.

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Frequently asked questions

Will VAC provide grave maintenance for Veterans whose graves were not provided and installed by the Government of Canada?

No. VAC only provides maintenance to grave markers that were provided and installed by the Government of Canada.

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