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Some benefits and services require prior approval from VAC before it is provided. If pre-authorization is required, it is indicated in the "Pre-authorization" column on the Benefit Grid. Your provider can call us for pre-authorization on your behalf. Purchasing the benefit without pre-authorization, does not guarantee reimbursement.

Most services will only require pre-authorization once.


You will need a prescription from a qualified health care professional for most benefits and services covered by VAC. This is to ensure that you are under the care of a health care professional and that the health benefit or service is the appropriate therapy for your health need. A prescription is valid for one year from the date it is written and must be provided by the type of health care professional identified in the Benefit Grid in the "Prescriber Required" column.

Registered Providers

A variety of providers who deliver benefits and services such as housekeeping, grounds maintenance, massage therapy, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment have pre-registered with Veterans Affairs Canada, through our contractor Medavie Blue Cross. When using a registered provider, you will not be required to pay them directly for their services. If you're unsure if the provider is registered, call us.

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