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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Health Care Benefits

Treatment Benefits

Question 1:

How can I get additional health-care services or benefits added to my card?


If there is a specific health-care benefit or service that you may require, please contact us. VAC will review your eligibility for this benefit and provide you with a decision.

Question 2:

Does my provider need to call VAC for pre-authorization each year, even if I am requesting the same benefit or service?


For most benefits and services, VAC only requires pre-authorization the first time you obtain a benefit or service. However, a few benefits still require pre-authorization each time you request the benefit. VAC registered providers can review our Benefit Grid to determine our requirements for providing a particular service.

Question 3:

I received a reimbursement cheque from VAC for a treatment benefit but did not receive the amount that I expected and there was no decision letter to explain why.


Please refer to the explanation of benefits statement you received. If the information provided does not explain the different amounts, please contact us.

Question 4:

Can I choose any supplier or provider of treatment benefits and services?


You may obtain treatment benefits and services from a supplier or provider of your choice. Please see Using your VAC Health Identification card for more information.

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