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Transitioning from the military can be an adjustment for you and your family. We’re here to help when and where you need us.

New Veterans Charter

Career Transition Services

Many of you have told us that a quality job is one of the most important things you’re looking for when you release. Check out how we can help you get there with individual career counselling and job search assistance.

Case Management

Learn about the case management process and how a Veterans Affairs Canada case manager can help you and your family access services and benefits that meet your needs.

Detention Benefit

You may qualify for a one-time, tax free detention benefit if you were detained by an enemy, opposing force, or person/group carrying out terrorist activities. You may also qualify if you evaded capture or escaped from any power.

Disability Benefits

You may qualify for compensation if you have an injury or disability that is related to your service. Our disability benefits recognize the effects a disability may have on your quality of life such as pain and suffering. Find out how awards are determined and how to apply for them.

Financial Benefits

If you are approved for the Rehabilitation Program, you may also be eligible for a number of financial benefits that compensate for the effects that a disability may have on your ability to earn a living. Check here for details.

Group Health Insurance

Learn how we can help you access group insurance under the Public Service Health Care Plan.


If you have been injured and disabled, we offer a variety of programs aimed at restoring your ability to function at home, in the community and at work. Learn how we can help you and your family members benefit from services that are often available in your own community.

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