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Beth H.

Survivor of Corporal Robert H.

Canadian Army

5 years of service

Salary: $60,200

CAF Member's Health Summary

Internal derangement of the knee : 10%

Tinnitus : 10%

Hearing Loss : 5%


Beth H. is a survivor of Corporal Robert H, a Corporal in the Canadian Army who served for five years. Beth and Robert were married four years and living in Petawawa, Ontario when Robert was deployed to a Special Duty Area. Just three weeks into his deployment, Beth received the news that no spouse ever wants to hear. Robert died in service at the young age of 30. She was devastated, alone and scared of what her future would hold.

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) community at Petawawa rallied around her. Her final farewell to her beloved husband at his funeral mirrored his life—quiet and dignified.

Next Steps

We contacted Beth after Robert died. She received a non-taxable lump-sum Death Benefit of $360,000, due to Robert's service-related death. This helped to relieve a lot of the immediate stress that Beth was feeling.

At the time of Robert's death, he was receiving Pain and Suffering Compensation for injuries from a training exercise the year before. Robert chose monthly payments instead of cashing out a lump sum amount of $90,000. Because he died after only receiving 12 monthly payments, Beth was entitled to receive the maximum lump-sum of $90,000, less the value of the payments already paid to Robert. For Beth, this equaled $86,700.

Beth also qualifies to receive the Income Replacement Benefit at the same amount Robert would have received until age 65. This includes 90 percent of Robert's military salary at the time of his death, with one percent career progression until he would have reached 20 years of service. When Robert would have turned age 65, Beth will continue to receive the Income Replacement Benefit, but at the retirement rate of 70 percent of the amount Robert would have qualified for after age 65. As a result, Beth qualifies for IRB totaling up to $2.103M (after-tax) over her lifetime.

More than financial support

Although Beth is not ready to make any major life decisions while still grieving the loss of her husband, she knows that if she decides to go back to school and needs vocational and rehabilitation services, she qualifies to receive them from us with no time limit to apply.

Beth is able to access financial, vocational and rehabilitation support to help her well-being. We know Veterans are deeply concerned about their family's well-being, which is why we offer assistance and support to their family even after their death.

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