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Calvin H.

Leading Seaman (Retired)

Royal Canadian Navy

12 years of service

30 years old

CAF Member's Health Summary

Disability Assessment: 40%

Nerve damage to right leg and loss of use


Leading Seaman (retired) Calvin H. was a supply technician in the Royal Canadian Navy for eight of his 12 years of service. While serving in a 2017 humanitarian mission in the Caribbean, known as Operation RENAISSANCE IRMA MARIA, Calvin was hurt in a shipboard machinery accident. He seriously injured his right leg, resulting in nerve damage and loss of use. He was posted to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Joint Personnel Support Unit for rehabilitation, but it became clear that the damage to his leg was permanent.

Next Steps

After medically releasing from the navy, Calvin worked with his CAF and Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) case managers, who helped guide him through his transition to life after service.

Calvin chose the monthly payment option, a combination of the Pain and Suffering Compensation and the Additional Pain and Suffering Compensation, with a total value of $531,000 (non-taxable) over his lifetime. This is in recognition of his service-related pain and suffering.

The CAF determined that Calvin was not totally disabled when he medically released. While he follows his physical and vocational rehabilitation plans, his income replacement and rehabilitation needs will be addressed through a partnership between CAF long-term disability and VAC for the first two years of his rehabilitation. Once the CAF LTD income support ceases, we will continue to pay his Income Replacement Benefit until he completes his rehabilitation program, four years after his release. Over this time, Calvin will receive monthly income replacement totaling up to $190,900 (after tax).

More than financial support

Calvin also wants to go back to school and complete a diploma in purchasing and supply chain management, which will complement the skills and experience he gained while serving. The financial security that our benefits can give will allow Calvin to focus on completing his education. Along with Pain and Suffering Compensation, Additional Pain and Suffering Compensation and his four-year Income Replacement Benefit, Calvin will also receive assistance to help him find work once he has retrained.

Making sure Calvin has access to financial, rehabilitation and vocational assistance all play an important role in his transition to life after service and his overall well-being.

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