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Lauren D.

Corporal (Retired)

Served in regular forces

5 years of service

25 years old

Health Summary

Disability Assessment: 100%

Amputations above elbow and above knee

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


Corporal (Retired) Lauren D. served five years in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). A member of the infantry, Lauren was in Operation NANOOK. During a simulated combat exercise, Lauren's transport collided with another vehicle. Sadly, her injuries resulted in amputations above the elbow and above the knee. Lauren developed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of her experience and was medically released from the CAF. Through their Long-term Disability program (CAF LTD), and with the help of one of our case managers, she made a plan to find realistic and achievable goals for the future.

Next Steps

At the time of her medical release, the CAF LTD determined that Lauren was totally disabled. We assessed her separately and determined that she had a Disability Assessment of 100 percent. She will receive a total value of $1.361M (non-taxable) as recognition of her service-related pain and suffering. This amount includes a lump-sum Critical Injury Benefit, as well as the Pain and Suffering Compensation and the Additional Pain and Suffering Compensation, which she will receive monthly for life.

Our assessment also found that Lauren has a diminished earning capacity. As a result, her income replacement and rehabilitation needs will be addressed through a partnership between CAF LTD and VAC until she reaches the age of 65. At that point, we will take full responsibility for delivering Lauren's programs and services.

Since VAC has established that Lauren has a diminished earning capacity, she will continue to be eligible for the Income Replacement Benefit for life, totaling up to $2.469M (net after tax). Her Income Replacement Benefit will be increased one percent every year for 15 years to recognize lost career progression.

More than financial support

Lauren's Vocational Assistance Rehabilitation Plan includes retraining to qualify as an Educational Assistant. We will pay for her to attend a two-year college program, and replace her income while retraining. Between the CAF LTD and the VAC Income Replacement Benefit (IRB), during her rehabilitation, Lauren will receive income replacement totaling 90 percent of her salary at release. This financial security will help her focus on successfully completing her studies.

With her strong mathematics-related skillset, Lauren was interested in working to help young people strengthen their math abilities. She will use her retraining as an opportunity to keep serving her community as a volunteer math tutor at a local high school. Through our Veterans Independence Program, Lauren will receive assistance to modify her vehicle to enable her to travel to and from her school, as well as financial assistance to make adjustments to her home so it better meets her accessibility needs.

Lauren has access to case management, financial assistance, vocational and rehabilitation assistance to support her transition to life after service and overall well-being.

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