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Tom D.

Major (Retired)

Canadian Army

25 years of service

50 years old

Health Summary

Disability Assessment: 20%

Injuries not severe


Major (Retired) Tom D. served in the Canadian Army for 25 years, most of that time as a Signals officer. He is now retired from the Canadian Armed Forces at age 55 and will be receiving a military pension. During his time in service, Tom sustained knee damage during a training exercise. His knee has started to bother him again.

Next Steps

Tom registered for an online My VAC Account after a discussion with one of our representatives at a Second Career Assistance Network seminar. Through his My VAC Account, he submitted an application to receive Pain and Suffering Compensation for his old knee injury. His application was approved and he received a Disability Assessment of 20 percent. Tom chose to receive a net monthly payment of $220 (non-taxable) over his lifetime.

While using his My VAC Account, Tom also looked into educational opportunities available to him after service. He is ready for a new challenge in his next career—one that puts to good use all the technical experience he gained while serving his country. He found that he could apply for the Education and Training Benefit, which delivers up to $80,000 (taxable) towards a degree, course materials and some incidentals and living expenses while in school.

More than financial support

After he retired, Tom connected with a case manager to talk about the some of the challenges he is facing while he makes the adjustment to life after service. He also received assistance from Career Transition Services to support him while he looks for work in a new career.

During his transition, Tom is accessing case management, financial support and career assistance—all important aspects of supporting his overall well-being.

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