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Service Delivery

Working to serve you better.

If you're a member or Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, you expect us to deliver benefits and services to you and your family in a timely, efficient manner. We know we have work to do to meet your expectations, and so we want to share recent steps we are taking to serve you better.

More people, better tools, faster processes.

Interested in what’s underway behind the scenes to improve our end results for you? This fact sheet has the details.

Applying for disability benefits: how it works

It might feel like there are a million steps in the Disability Benefits application process. Actually, there are seven. Here’s how the process works.

Just the facts on applying for disability benefits

We want to make sure you have all the facts about the Disability Benefits application process before you apply. This fact sheet will help you learn more.

Application processing times

You want to know how long you will wait for your Disability Benefits application—and applications for other benefits and services—will take. Use this online processing time tool for estimated wait times for a range of different benefits and services applications.

Top Five Questions and Answers

1. What is a Service Standard Start Date and why does it matter?

A Service Standard Start Date is when the clock starts to run for our team to meet expected turnaround times for applications. Except in some unique situations, applications with an earlier Service Standard Start Date are completed first.

2. Why don’t you start counting turnaround times from the day that you first receive my application?

We don’t start counting from the day we receive the application because in many cases applications aren’t complete when they come to us. Oftentimes adjudicators will require medical information to make their decision, which can’t be requested from the member or Veteran until it is determined exactly what condition the application is for. Other applications may be missing important information demonstrating how the disability claim is tied to service.

3. Can you tell me exactly where my application is in the decision-making process?

There are several ways to check the progress of your Disability Benefit application, you can: visit “Track your applications” through your My VAC Account; contact your case manager, if you have one; or call 1-866-522-2122 and speak to a Veterans Affairs Canada representative.

4. What are you actually doing to fix turnaround times?

The Department is hiring more people, using better tools and establishing faster processes.

These changes will have a noticeable impact on Veterans’ wait times by spring 2020. Want to know more? Review this ‘Three areas of service delivery improvement’ infographic.

5. Where can I find a checklist that I can use to help me gather all the documents I require for my application?

Here is a list of all of the steps involved in submitting an application: Check it out: tips to help you complete your Disability Benefits application.

Also, the Disability Benefits application package comes with a checklist to make sure you prepare an application that is complete and ready to be adjudicated. If you aren’t sure you have everything you need for a complete application, you can always call 1-866-522-2122 and ask for help.

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