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Appendix A – Personal Information Banks (PIBs)

Personal Information Banks (PIBs)
Title of PIB VAC PPU #
Additional Pain and Suffering Compensation 716
Administration of Benefits and Services – Soldier Settlement Board and Veterans’ Land Administration 350*
Agent Orange ex-gratia Payment 200*
Canadian Forces Income Support 608
Career Impact Allowance and Supplement 610*
Career Transition Services 530
Caregiver Recognition Benefit 702
Ceremonies and Events 621
Critical Injury Benefit 700
Death Benefit 718
Disability Awards 603*
Disability Pensions 601
Earnings Loss 607*
Education and Training Benefit 710
Educational Assistance 605
Electronic Identity Proving System 086
Employee Medical Records at Ste. Anne’s Hospital PCE 705*
Exceptional Incapacity Allowance 602
Health Benefits Program – Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP) 520
Health Care Benefits and Services 295
Income Replacement Benefit 715
Memorials and Cemetery Maintenance 255
Mental Health 320
National and International Memorials – Funeral and Burial Program 260
Non-departmental Institutions – Long Term Care (LTC) 619
Non-departmental Institutions – Veterans Independence Program (VIP) 618
Other Allowances 604
Pain and Suffering Compensation 717
Pension Advocate Services 365
Public Education and Awareness 620
Records of Sea Service for Canadian Merchant Seamen 120*
Rehabilitation Services and Vocational Assistance 300
Retirement Income Security Benefit 701*
Ste. Anne’s Hospital 280*
Supplementary Retirement Benefit 609*
Transition Services and Casualty Management 703
Treatment Allowance 340
Veterans Emergency Fund 711
Veteran’s Hiring Act Initiative 704
Veterans Independence Program – Home Care Benefits and Services 616
Veterans Independence Program – Other Services 617
Veterans Life Insurance 035*
Veterans Ombudsman Complaint and Investigation Files 210
War Veterans Allowance 040

* These PIBs apply to programs that are either inactive or see very low activity. As a result, these PIBs will no longer be maintained, but are retained as VAC continues to hold personal information.

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