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What You Should Know About Review Hearings

Your Review Hearing is your opportunity to be heard. The following information will answer common questions, and help prepare you for your Review Hearing before the Veterans Review and Appeal Board (the Board).

  • To ensure you receive prompt service, your claim may be handled by any of our offices across the country.
  • Review hearings are normally conducted by two Board members.
  • Your advocate will contact you before your hearing to discuss your case.
  • The hearing is informal. You will sit at a boardroom table with your advocate beside you and the Board members opposite you. At the beginning of the hearing, the Board members will welcome you and introduce themselves.
  • Your case will likely be one of five or so cases heard that morning, so please be patient if you have to wait. On average, a case takes about 30 minutes from start to finish.
  • The hearing will be held in the official language of your choice.
  • You will be sworn in or affirmed before the hearing begins.
  • The proceedings will be recorded.
  • The Board members will have with them a summary of your case and any other material that your advocate submitted in support of your claim.
  • Your advocate will present your case, review the relevant evidence and make argument on your behalf. This will include asking you, or any witnesses you have, specific questions about your claim. The Board members may also have questions for you.
  • If time permits, your advocate will debrief you after the close of the hearing.
  • Your travel costs to attend the Review Hearing will be reimbursed by Veterans Affairs Canada. For more details, talk to someone from the Bureau.
  • The Board will make every effort to mail you its decision within about six weeks of the hearing. You may contact the Board at the following toll-free number: 1-800-450-8006.

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