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Remembrance Moments - Vimy Ridge

Battle of Vimy Ridge

Remembrance Moments - Vimy Ridge

Remembrance Moments Canada at Vimy Ridge

Men dig and shovel dirt as a vehicle drives past on the adjacent road

France April 1917

Soldiers at work digging up a field

Canadian soldiers prepare

A canon fires a single shot

For one of the greatest battles in our history

A canon fires a single shot

A canon fires a single shot

The Battle of Vimy Ridge

Soldiers march

Soldiers march

Over 100,000 soldiers

Soldiers march

From across Canada

Soldiers climb out of a trench and run toward the battlefield

Launch the attack

A soldier lays on his stomach to take cover as he aims his weapon towards the battlefield

Soldiers run through the battlefield

After four days of intense fighting

Canadian soldiers celebrate their victory

the Canadians triumph

Wounded soldiers lay on stretchers

A wounded soldier is carried on a stretcher

More than 10,600 of our men are dead or wounded

An injured soldier is assisted in walking by two others

Lance Sergeant Ellis Sifton, Captain Thain MacDowell, Private William Milne and Private John Pattison all earn the Victoria Cross for courage and valour

Four soldiers earn the highest award for bravery

The Victoria Cross

The Victoria Cross

Soldiers stand in a trench while others climb over the walls of the trench

The Battle of Vimy Ridge

Photo of soldiers waving with smiles on their faces

A battle that helped shape our nation #Vimy100

Military personnel standing at attention for a moment of silence during a Remembrance Day ceremony

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Canada at Vimy Ridge

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April 14, 2016

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