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Leading by Example

Heroes Remember

And, you have to do just that little extra then what you're asking your men to do, you got to be able to do it first. You got to be out in front, you can't tell someone in your team, go down that cliff with a rope traversing down. You have to take that lead, and that's the way its gotta be. Leadership by example.

Mr. Eagle talks about how you have to lead by example when you’re a sergeant.

Tom Eagle

Mr. Eagle was born on the Ojibwa First Nation Reserve in Valley River, Manitoba, in 1932. Upon seeing the impressive way two Second World War Veterans conducted themselves on the reserve, Mr. Eagle decided to enlist in the army at the age of 19 in hopes of fighting in the Korean War. However recruitment for NATO was also taking place and Mr. Eagle was sent to Germany as a new member of the NATO peacekeeping force. Within six months Mr. Eagle became a corporal and also a platoon commander and Sergeant while serving in Cyprus. A strong leader and disciplinarian, Mr. Eagle also coached the unbeatable Queen's Own Rifles cross country running team. After spending 25 years in the army Mr. Eagle took his discharge in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, where he has made it his home, and has continued his leadership role educating people in his fight for the recognition of First Nation Veterans, speaking to students in public schools and working with the cadets and rangers in Yellowknife. Mr. Eagle also took part in the 2005 Aboriginal Spiritual Journey.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Tom Eagle
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Canadian Armed Forces
Queen's Own Rifles of Canada
Platoon Sergeant

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