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The Uniform

Heroes Remember

When I had first enlisted, we had what we called the old uniform which was styled after t the WAF’s in England, and it, it was bulky as compared to the new one that we got shortly after and it had a sort of a flat hat that... that most of us liked but it was not as attractive as the new hat which they brought out shortly after I enlisted so I really never wore the old uniform for a very long time, probably only a few months, so I was always in the new uniform and it was great. You got up in the morning and you knew what you were going to wear. It was no problem and if you had a bad hair day, you had to wear a hat so... it happened, you know, it was not bad! Yeah, I didn’t mind wearing uniforms.

Mrs. Shoultz describes the style of uniform worn by the WD’s during her time in the service.

Doris Shoultz

Mrs. Doris Shoultz was born in Chester, Nova Scotia, June 11, 1925. She grew up in a small town, graduated high school at age 17 and while waiting to be old enough to go into nursing training, she became impatient and decided to enlist in the military. With a sense of adventure for travelling, Mrs. Shoultz and her best friend joined up. She enlisted in Halifax, Nova Scotia, going to Rockcliffe for three months where she would become a part of the No. 1 Flight Squadron and later take part in what was termed the Precision Drill Squadron. Doris met her husband while in the service. After three years of service in Canada, Doris was discharged. Mrs. Shoultz married and went back to school. She and her husband raised a family with one of her son’s attending Royal Military College. To this day, Doris describes her military life as the best days of her life!!

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Doris Shoultz
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Second World War
Air Force
Royal Canadian Air Force Women's Division

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