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A Positive Change to Family Support

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A Positive Change to Family Support

Things that we had and we did, well 17 years ago now, may be quite different. I know they have different vehicles. I don’t think tactics really changed much at all, but I know the support groups for the men and their families have changed drastically since I left the military. That I think is a big thing in the military. I think for me right now that would be a huge draw to join the military right now in that if someone told me that there are these different support groups and you know, you can, you have other avenues to deal with things and, you know, if you have any problems you can do this or that. When I joined there really weren’t any support groups to mention for, you know, wives and families of military guys. I was told by one on one officer going through training, miliary’s first. If you can’t put the military first, don’t get married or get out. And it was really good advice because being single in the military was great, but I’d seen a lot of married friends go through divorces or, you know, really hard times simply because of the way of life. I got out of the military to get married, because I didn’t want my wife or my children to go through that, be in that environment because it was pretty hard and to hear now that you know, there’s these different groups that you know, help out, not only soldiers but their families, is great. I think that’s wonderful.

Mr. Slusar provides his opinion of how the military has made a positive step to providing support to the family when the soldier returns home.

Clint Slusar

Mr. Slusar was born September 28, 1967 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. After making the decision to join the military, Mr. Slusar enlisted in the army with the 3 Royal Canadian Regiment. After spending time in Germany training as a combat soldier, Mr. Slusar travelled with his fellow soldiers to Sarajevo in 1992 as part of November Company Group. Because of his service during his tour in Sarajevo, Mr. Slusar was awarded The Commander-In-Chief Unit commendation for his participation in securing the Sarajevo Airport for humanitarian relief flights and escorting these relief convoys into the city. Mr. Slusar retired from the military for personal reasons and has a great amount of pride for his service in Sarajevo.

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Clint Slusar
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