Page 609 du Livre : Seconde Guerre mondiale

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Page 609 - Seconde Guerre mondiale

Sur la page est inscrit le texte suivant :

This page is dedicated to the glory of those members of the armed forces of Canada & Canadians serving with her allies in the Second World War, whose names are unknown or not recorded in this Book of Remembrance.

Some died of wounds or mortal sickness in the years that followed the war; Some fell in battle fighting for our allies; Others met death in perilous tasks in lands held by the enemy.

Though their names are unknown or not herein written, they too are numbered & honoured in the brotherhood of the faithful and the brave.

Chapelle du Souvenir

Cette page est en vedette dans la Chapelle du Souvenir de la Tour de la paix, à Ottawa, les jours suivants :

  • le 26 décembre
  • le 27 décembre
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