The Twin White Pylons

The twin white pylons tower 27 metres high. They rise above the heavy base of the monument that measures 28 metres by 52 metres.

The twin white pylons, one bearing the maple leaves of Canada, the other the fleurs-de-lys of France, symbolize the sacrifices of both countries.

Inspiration for the Vimy Monument

The Vimy Monument is like no other war memorial. Its sculptor explained that the inspiration for its design had come to him in a dream:

"When things were at their blackest in France, I dreamed that I was in a great battlefield. I saw our men going by in thousands and being mowed down by the sickles of death…"

Allward remembered the dream. One day he pulled out an envelope and started to draw. On one side he sketched a pylon and on the other side a second, he then folded the envelope and joined the two pylons with a line across their base. He called one Canada and one France, the two countries joined together by the spirit of sacrifice.