Garden Ideas

Botanical gardens. Virtual gardens. Hanging gardens. Container gardens. Shade gardens. Victory gardens...

The choices are endless when it comes to building a Garden of Remembrance, in fact your garden doesn't even need to grow in the ground! Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Be sure to check out our photo gallery and share photos of your creation with us on Facebook!

Symbol Gardens

If you have a large or high-profile space to cover, consider having the blooms in your Garden of Remembrance form a larger image. Visit the Canada Remembers Symbol Garden section for instructions on creating a garden in the shape of the Canada Remembers symbol.

Rock Gardens

There is no question rock gardens are beautiful but do they need real flowers? Turn the idea of a rock garden on its head by making a garden out of rocks! Create a little fun for your family or students by painting flowers and commemorative symbols on rocks and then share them with your community by creating a "rock garden" for everyone to enjoy.

Community Gardens

If you're involved with planning a community garden, consider making remembrance your theme!

Bottle or Container Gardens

Don't have a lot of space? Why not build your own bottle or container garden? Even a simple bloom can be a powerful symbol of thanks. Be sure to decorate your garden with symbols of remembrance so its meaning can be easily shared with all who view it.

Arts and Crafts

Creative minds will agree that you can make a garden out of just about anything if you put your mind to it. Egg cartons can easily become great homes for seedlings allowing you to start your Garden of Remembrance regardless of the weather outside. Paint flowers with your children and group the finished artwork together on the refrigerator or on the wall for a unique garden effect. Or look to art forms like origami for inspiration in creating flower collections showing your thanks to the brave men and women who have served our country in uniform.

The number of different ways to build a Garden of Remembrance is endless!

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