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A Deadly Day Cruncher Activity - Questions and Answers

Q1: Where is the seaside town of Dieppe located?
A1: France.

Q2: How many Canadians went ashore on August 19th?
A2: Five thousand.

Q3: What was the codename for the Dieppe Raid?
A3: Operation Jubilee

Q4: What province in Canada has a town named after Dieppe??
A4: New Brunswick

Q5: How many Canadians died in the raid?
A5: 900

Q6: Why did the tanks break down on the beach??
A6: Stones got stuck in their tracks

Q7: When did the Dieppe Raid take place??
A7: August 19, 1942

Q8: Who were the Canadians trying to help liberate at Dieppe? 
A8: The people of France

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