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Instructions for folding a paper cruncher

Step One

Print and cut out the paper game (PDF).

Step Two

Place paper cruncher with illustrations facing down.

Fold all four corners together so that they meet in the middle of the paper and press firmly.

Step Three

Flip over and again fold all four corners together so that they meet in the centre of the paper and give a good press.

Step Four

Fold in half in one direction, then in half in the other direction.


Stick your thumbs and first two fingers into the four pockets on the bottom of the cruncher and start crunching.

How to play the game:

  1. Have the youth form groups of two.
  2. One person starts with the cruncher in hand and asks his or her partner to come up with a number from one to nine. The first person then counts out that number, opening and closing the cruncher as they do so.
  3. After reaching the selected number, the partner is asked to choose a new number from the ones visible on the inside triangles.
  4. Next, the person holding the cruncher will unfold the inner triangle corresponding to the selected number, peek under the flap and ask his or her partner the question found there. Note: all questions draw on information that is covered in this lesson.
  5. Check to see if the response is correct by referring to the answer that is printed below the question.
  6. Repeat these steps as many times as you want! Youth can take turns as they do so.



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