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Question Sheet - The Italian Campaign Fact Quest

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  1. Why did the Allies choose to launch a campaign in Italy in 1943? What was the name of the Italian dictator who led the country at that time?
  2. Why was capturing Sicily strategically important to the Allies? Which Canadian divisions and brigade would take part in the landings in Sicily?
  3. What happened to some of the Allied ships on the way to Sicily? What losses in Canadian soldiers and equipment were suffered?
  4. What was the codename for the invasion of Sicily and on what date did it occur? Near what city did Canadian soldiers come ashore?
  5. On what date did the Canadians and other Allies come ashore in mainland Italy? Enemy troops from what country would be fighting our soldiers there?
  6. In what Italian town did Canadians fight during Christmas 1943? When was the town finally liberated?
  7. What was “mouseholing” and why was it such a useful battlefield tactic in Ortona?
  8. Name some additional battles in which Canadians fought as the Italian Campaign continued throughout 1944 and into 1945?
  9. When were Canadian soldiers transferred out of Italy? Where did they fight for the remainder of the Second World War?
  10. How many Canadians served in the Italian Campaign? How many became casualties and how many died in service there?
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