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Lesson Plan: Princess Louise Colouring Activity


To increase youth’s awareness of Canadian efforts in the Italian Campaign during the Second World War.


Youth will:

  • develop a basic understanding of the Canadian efforts in the Italian Campaign;
  • develop an awareness of how animal mascots can be a comfort to soldiers; and
  • develop an awareness of the importance of remembering the sacrifices and achievements of those who served in the Italian Campaign.

Target Audience

This activity is suitable for ages 5 to 7.

Sequence of Events and Anticipated Time Frame [30 minutes]

(This activity can be modified to fit available time.)

  • Discussion [10 minutes]
  • Read Aloud [5 minutes]
  • Colouring Sheet Activity [15 minutes]


Discussion [10 minutes]

Provide the children with a bit of an understanding about the Second World War. Talk about how the war began, before their parents or maybe even their grandparents were born! Look at a map and locate the continent of Europe. Discuss how far away Europe is from Canada and North America.

Ask your students what they know about the Second World War. Tell them that more than 90,000 Canadians served in Italy between July 1943 and February 1945.

Read Aloud [5 minutes]

Read aloud the story of Orphaned Filly to understand how an animal mascot helped human soldiers in times of war.

Colouring Sheet Activity [15 minutes]

Provide the children with a Princess Louise colouring sheet (PDF). Once completed, you may wish to display the sheets.

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