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Jeopardy Questions

Questions for the "Jeopardy!" trivia game might include:

  1. Canadian troops landed at this beach on June 6, 1944, to help liberate the western European countries from German occupation.
  2. This Canadian General commanded the First Canadian Army during the campaign to liberate Belgium.
  3. During these three months in 1944, the First Canadian Army fought to liberate Belgium from German occupation.
  4. This was the name given the heavily fortified French, Belgian and Dutch coastal areas of western Europe during the Second World War.
  5. Following the end of the Normandy campaign in late August 1944, the First Canadian Army was given this task as their next assignment.
  6. This is the capital city of Belgium.
  7. The nickname or narrative description given to the German rockets that were fired on England from launch sites along the French coast.
  8. The name of the amphibious vehicle that was often used to transport Canadian troops over the flooded terrain in Belgium and Holland.
  9. The two famous Canadian First World War battlefield sites in Belgium.
  10. The Belgium port city with the docking facilities that were so desperately needed by the Allies.
  11. The French town that was the site of a failed landing by Canadian and British forces in August 1942.
  12. The name of the national Belgian resistance movement that assisted the Canadian troops.
  13. The river that connects the port of Antwerp with the North Sea.
  14. This Canadian officer assumed command of First Canadian Army when General Crerar became ill and had to return to England.
  15. The number of men and women who served in the Canadian military during the Second World War.
  16. The number of men and women who died in the campaign to liberate Belgium.
  17. The distance between the city of Antwerp and the North Sea.
  18. The reason why it was so important for the Canadians to capture a channel port intact.
  19. A ship from this country was the first one to navigate the Scheldt Estuary and sail into Antwerp harbour to unload its cargo.
  20. This Canadian officer was awarded the Victoria Cross medal for most conspicuous bravery and courage during the Battle of Normandy.
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