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Egypt Medal. A circular, silver medal, 1.42 inches in diameter.

Egypt Medal


Campaign Stars and Medals (1866-1918)

Egypt Medal


The Egypt Medal was authorized on 5 November 1884.

Eligibility and criteria

This medal was awarded to members of the Army and Navy who took part in the Egyptian Campaigns between 1882 and 1889.


A circular, silver medal, 1.42 inches in diameter.. A plain, straight suspender attaches to the medal with a double-toe claw for mounting.

The obverse has a diademed, veiled effigy of Queen Victoria faces left, and the legend: VICTORIA REGINA ET IMPERATRIX

On the reverse, the sphinx is depicted on a pedestal with the word EGYPT above. There was no date on the Canadian medal, but earlier medals awarded to the British Army had the date 1882 in exergue.

The ribbon is 1.25 inches wide, and consists of five equal stripes: blue, white, blue, white and blue.


The Nile (1884-85): This bar was awarded to those who served south of Assouan on or before 7 March 1885 as part of the expedition to relieve General Gordon, then under siege at Khartoum. Many Canadian boatmen qualified for this bar.

Kirbekan: This bar was awarded to those members of the expedition to relieve Gordon who actually reached Khartoum, and was only awarded together with THE NILE (1884-85) bar. The Canadians who received this bar were under the command of Lord Wolseley who had commanded the Red River Expedition of 1870.

Historical notes

  • The medal has 13 bars and was also awarded without a bar.
  • There were 392 medals to the Canadian Voyageurs with THE NILE bar, of which 46 also received the KIRBEKAN bar.
  • The recipient's name is impressed on the rim in sloping capitals.
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