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National Monument to Canada’s Mission in Afghanistan

More than 40,000 Canadians in uniform and hundreds of civilians and government officials served in Afghanistan from 2001 to 2014. They joined the United Nations-mandated coalition of dozens of countries in the international fight against terrorism. Many Canadians died as a result of their service to this mission. This was the longest combat deployment in Canadian history.

While in Afghanistan, 158 Canadian Armed Forces members, a diplomat, four aid workers, a government contractor and a journalist lost their lives. Thousands of Canadian Armed Forces members and civilians were also injured—physically and psychologically.

The National Monument to Canada's Mission in Afghanistan will recognize the commitment and sacrifice of Canadians who served in Afghanistan, and the support provided to them at home by their families, peers and communities.

Design for the National Monument to Canada’s Mission in Afghanistan

Artist’s rendition of the monument design concept ©Team Stimson
Artist’s rendition of the monument design concept © Team Stimson. The concept will be refined for accuracy during the detailed development of the monument design.

The design, developed by Team Stimson, draws on elements of healing from the Medicine Wheel and takes the form of a circular, sacred space of safety, a “home base” of reflection, memory and contemplation. It is made up of four portals, where an interior area is the sanctuary where the fallen are remembered. Inscribed on the walls of three of the quadrants is the year, names of the fallen and maple leaves, in several rows. The fourth southeast quadrant wall facing the direction of Afghanistan is dedicated to fallen Afghan Allies. In the centre, four bronze flak jackets stand draped on crosses—utilitarian yet poignant reminders of protection.

This Monument creates a powerful opportunity to honour and reflect, and to seek balance and healing, for all Canadians.

The next steps are the detailed development of the selected design, followed by the monument construction.

Public online survey

We thank the 10,000+ Canadians who participated in the public online survey related to the five finalist designs for the monument. Veterans, their families and others who served on the mission represent the majority of the people who commented on the designs. This input is helping us create a monument so future generations have an opportunity to learn more about Canada’s Mission in Afghanistan.

Note to families of the fallen during the mission

Please email us should you want us to keep you informed of future developments on this project.

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