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Dugald MacDougall

In memory of:

Captain Dugald MacDougall

August 25, 1919
Bakaritza, Russia

Military Service




Air Force


Royal Air Force


Distinguished Flying Cross, Order of St.Stanislas, III Class, with Swords (Russia); Order of St.Anne, 3rd Class, with Swords,

Additional Information


January 1, 1896

Son of John MacDougall, of Lockport, Manitoba.

Commemorated on Page 596 of the First World War Book of Remembrance. Request a copy of this page. Download high resolution copy of this page.

Burial Information


Russian Federation

Grave Reference:

Sp. Mem. B82, (buried Semenovka (Bereznik) Cem. Ex


The cemetery is located on the north-west outskirts of the town of Archangel, adjoining the Lutheran and Russian Cemeteries.

Information courtesy of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

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  • Memorial– Memorial is located in Archangel  Kuznechevskoe ( Vologodskoe) cemetery and Scheme British cemetery in Troitsa.
  • Canadian Airmen of the RAF 'ELOPE' Squadron– Canadian airmen of the RAF'S ELOPE Squadron which flew against the Bolsheviks in North Russia, 1918-19.  Lt. Dugald MacDougall, DFC of Lockport, Manitoba (standing on right sporting a beard) was subsequently killed in action at Bakaritza on 25 August 1919.  Courtesy of "The Official history of the Royal Canadian Air Force", Sydney F. Wise
  • Document– RAF Casualty Card for Captain Dugald MacDougall (Acting Captain at the time of his death).Note the reference on the card to "Pegasus" and "Glowworm". Research conducted to date indicates that A/Captain MacDougall was serving as a pilot on aircraft that were on the Aircraft/Seaplane Carrier Pegasus that was operating as part of the River Force in North Russia. The report indicates that MacDougall was on the nearby River Gunboat Glowworm when and ammunition barge in the vicinity exploded on 25 August 1919. The Captain of the Glowworm was killed, along with several crew members and MacDougall.
  • Ship– River Gunboat Glowworm, 1916 
Type: Insect Class China River Gunboat ; Armament 2 x 6" 
Launched : 1916 ; Disposal date or year : 1928 
Displacement: 645 tons 
Complement: 53.

In 1919, during the Russian Civil War, HMS Glowworm, Cicala, Cockchafer , Cricket, Moth and Mantis served on the Dvina River (northern Russia, in Arkhangelsk Oblast), fighting in support of White Russian forces. Glowworms Captain and some other crew members were killed when a nearby ammunition barge exploded.

Circa 27 Sep 1919 departed Archangel for England following the conclusion of the Archangel River Expeditionary Force.
  • Ship– HMS Pegasus was an aircraft carrier/seaplane carrier bought by the Royal Navy in 1917 during the First World War. She was laid down in 1914 by John Brown & Company of Clydebank, Scotland as SS Stockholm for the Great Eastern Railway Company, but construction was suspended by the start of the war. The ship was converted to operate a mix of wheeled aircraft from her forward flying-off deck and floatplanes that were lowered into the water. Pegasus spent the last year of the war supporting the Grand Fleet in the North Sea, but saw no combat. She spent most of 1919 and 1920 supporting British intervention against the Bolsheviks in North Russia and the Black Sea.
  • Document– CWGC report on Kipling Memorial in the Archangel Allied Cemetery. It notes that Captain D. MacDougall, DFC was commemorated by this memorial. He was buried in the Semenovka (Bereznik) British Cemetery, which at the time was not accessible for maintenance of the graves due to the political situation.
  • Document– Burial Report for the Semenovka (Bereznik) British Cemetery. Note also the name of Signaller T. W. Farmer of the Royal Navy who would have also been killed by the explosion of the ammunition barge on the same day.
  • Document– The initial burial reports suggest that the actual location of the grave of Captain Dougal MacDougall is not known, only that he is "buried near this spot". That would mean that at the Semenovka (Bereznik) Cemetery he has a "Special Memorial C" and at the Archangel Allied Cemetery he has a "Kipling Memorial E".
  • Map– Location of Bereznik, Russia relative to Archangel.
General GPS Coordinates:  62°51'6.21"N 42°42'34.61"E
  • Memorial– Captain MacDougall was also memorialized on Brookwood Memorial in the United Kingdom. The memorial, erected in 1984 has since been removed, as the political situation in Russia means that the memorial at the Archangel Allied Cemetery is accessible.
  • Memorial– Panel 5 of the Brookwood Memorial with the names of Captain MacDougall and 2nd Lieutenant LeMoine, the two Canadian Airmen lost August 1919 in the actions of the Canadian North Russia Expeditionary Force. This memorial has since been removed.

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