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Frederick Stanley Albright

In memory of:

Private Frederick Stanley Albright

October 26, 1917

Military Service

Service Number:







Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment)


50th Battalion

Additional Information


March 23, 1883
Township Dundee, Ontario


June 21, 1916
Calgary, Alberta

Son of Josiah D. and Sarah Elizabeth Moyer Albright, of Haldimand, Ontario; husband of Elnora Evelyn Kelly Albright, of Calgary, Alberta. Graduate of Victoria College, Toronto. Barrister-at-Law in Calgary, Alberta.

Commemorated on Page 190 of the First World War Book of Remembrance. Request a copy of this page. Download high resolution copy of this page.

Burial Information

Grave Reference:

IV. H. 7.


LARCH WOOD (RAILWAY CUTTING) CEMETERY is located 4 Km south east of Ieper town centre, on the Komenseweg, connecting Ieper to Komen (N366). From Ieper town centre the Komenseweg is located via the Rijselsestraat, through the Rijselpoort (Lille Gate) and crossing the Ieper ring road, towards Armentieres and Lille. The road name then changes to Rijselseweg. 1 Km along the Rijselseweg lies the left hand turning onto Komenseweg. About 2.7 Km along the Komenseweg lies the left hand turning onto the cemetery, which is located 400 metres along a rough single tracked road to an ungated railway crossing, immediately adjacent to the site.

Information courtesy of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Digital Collection

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  • Press Clipping– From the Calgary Herald. Submitted for the project, Operation: Picture Me
  • Honour Roll– From the "University of Toronto / Roll of Service 1914-1918", published in 1921.
  • Photo of Frederick S. Albright– Extract from an obituary for Private Albright which was written by Dr. W.H. Alexander of the University of Alberta and was printed in the November 25, 1917 issue of The Gateway.
The war has heightened our sympathies, we are told, but it does seem sometimes as if it had dulled our sensibilities.  Perhaps it is inevitable: so many of those we loved have gone the dark road that there are no tears left for the young and the brave who are still laying down their lives "over there."  Yet every once in a while there comes a loss that strikes us even in our coma, and such to me was the death in action of F. S. Albright of Calgary, the other day.   Probably not many of our students knew him; he was not a graduate of ours, and his chief tie to us was his lectureship in Law.  And yet he was drawn to us by warm affection, by the sympathy he entertained for the young institution for whose future he cherished the highest hopes.   I saw him last in February [1917] just before he left with a draft company of his battalion, bright and cheery, and just as convinced as ever that he had chosen the better part which could not ever be taken from him.  I am honored in being permitted to lay this tribute upon the altar of his memory; I desire also on behalf of this University into the making of which his life has gone, to offer to his young wife our respectful sympathy.
  • Commemorative Plaque– Memorial Plaque commemorating barristers and students, members of the Alberta law society, who died while serving in the First World War.
  • War Memorial– Beamsville Ontario War Memorial.   Sculptor:  Hamilton MacCarthy, R.C.A.
  • Plaque– World War One Dedication plaque, Beamsville Ontario War Memorial.
  • Inscription– World War One names, Beamsville Ontario War Memorial.
  • Photo of Frederick Albright– From: The Varsity Magazine Supplement Fourth Edition 1918
published by The Students Administrative Council, University of Toronto.  
Submitted for the Soldiers' Tower Committee, University of Toronto, by Operation Picture Me.
  • Entrance
  • Cemetery
  • Grave marker
  • Acta Victoriana War Supplement– Source:  Acta Victoriana War Supplement, Victoria College, Toronto, Ontario, December 1919.
  • Photo of Frederick Albright– Source:  Acta Victoriana War Supplement, Victoria College, Toronto, Ontario, December 1919.
  • The Soldiers' Tower– The Soldiers' Tower, University of Toronto was built in 1924 in memory of those lost to the University in the Great War. Carved on the Memorial Screen are the names of those lost in that struggle. Photo:  K. Parks.
  • Central Methodist Montage– Central Methodist (United) Church, Calgary, Alberta.  The Memorial Tablet has the following dedication:  IN LOVING MEMORY OF THE MEMBERS OF THE CONGREGATION OF CENTRAL METHODIST CHURCH AND SUNDAY SCHOOL WHO SERVED IN  THE GREAT WAR.  The Memorial Tablet was unveiled on Sunday, July 1st, 1923.
  • Central Methodist Memorial Tablet– Detail of World War One Memorial Tablet at Central Methodist (United) Church in Calgary. There are 204 names in total listed. The central section lists 36 names on the Roll of Honour while the two outside sections list the men who served and survived the war.
  • Memorial– A stained glass window was erected at Trinity United Church, 4287 William Street, Beamsville, ON. This stained glass window depicting an Honour Roll, is dedicated to those veterans listed, lost during the First and Second World Wars. This memorial was unveiled in the 1940s.

Honour Roll
[left side/côté gauche]
1914 - 1918

[right side/côté droite]
1939 - 1945
[left column/colonne de gauche]

C. Thompson
C.W. Wilcox
G.C. Read
F.S. Albright
R.R. Hobden 
C.C. Blunden 

[centre column/colonne de centre]
H.H. Elliott
G. Knight
A. Lawrie
C.J. Harshaw 
A.R. Hewitt
J.D. Reid
[right column/colonne de droite] 
R.L. Miln 
A.L. Logan
J.B. Stallwood 
T.H. Page 
O.J. Thorpe  
Photo Credit: Derek Boogers
  • Memorial Room– Memorial Room, Soldiers' Tower, University of Toronto.  Photo by David Pike, 2010; courtesy of Alumni Relations.
  • Inscription– Inscription in Memorial Room, Soldiers' Tower.  The carillon was installed in 1927.  Originally there were 23 bells. Alumni and friends donated funds for bells in memory of those who died in the Great War. Dedications are carved high on the walls of the Memorial Room. Bell XXII is dedicated:  "The Alumni Association and friends of Victoria College." Photo courtesy of Alumni Relations.

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