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Remembrance Moments - Passchendaele

Remembrance Moments

Remembrance Moments - Passchendaele

Remembrance Moments Canada Remembers the Battle of Passchendaele

Dirt flies into air as heavy artillery fire hits the ground

The First World War October 1917

Soldiers load a canon

Canon is fired

For almost three desperate months

Heavy artillery fire hits the ground causing dirt to fly into the air

Allied forces try to break the enemy line

Panning shot of a muddy torn up field

near the town of Passchendaele, Belgium

Two by two, horses pull wagons carrying supplies

Then the 100,000-strong Canadian Corps take over

Soldiers emerge from behind a trench

Our brave soldiers go into battle

Soldiers walk through the battlefield

After more than 2 weeks of horrific fighting

Trench is muddy and collapsing at the top

in a nightmare of mud and heavy enemy fire

Still image of Canadian soldiers, some of whom are wounded, having a drink together in celebration after the battle has ended

the Canadians capture their objective.

Two soldiers support an injured soldier in walking

The battle is won

An injured soldier walks through a trench

But the cost is tragic

Canadian soldiers carry the caskets of fallen soldiers

Almost 16,000 Canadians are killed or wounded

White crosses mark graves in amongst trees

Nine of our soldiers earn the highest award for bravery

A lone soldier is seen walking through a muddy, wet battlefield superimposed by an image of the Victoria Cross

The Victoria Cross

The Victoria Cross

Soldiers walk through a shallow trench

Canada’s soldiers

Two soldiers smile at the camera as they eat a meal in the trench

would play a leading role

A group of soldiers appear in good spirits as they pose for a picture together

in winning the war. #RememberThem

Military personnel standing at attention for a moment of silence during a Remembrance Day ceremony

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The Battle of Passchendaele

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August 19, 2016

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