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I’m still living

Heroes Remember - The Second World War

All the vehicles had gone aboard the ship . . . and take them off the ship, and for . . . of all things, when I went to back my truck off, my heavens, the battery was dead. And I said to them, I said, "Somebody must have left the little switch on." I said. "Not me." I said, "Not me." I said. "I looked my truck over before I left it," 'cause I'm the last one on, and I gotta move me to get all them other vehicles backed out. And I couldn't understand that someone . . . and I looked it all over before I left. And then, when I went to start, it wouldn't go, so somebody had to tow me off the truck, and that's why we stopped. And the, and the Corporal come over, and he said, "You just pull up there and stop in France." And the other fella stopped, "He will . . . look it, I'll be back to get you." Getting right off the boat and getting on land and seeing so many of our soldiers. There he is, just saw him last night, there he is, head gone, body gone, everything gone. Yeah, that was, that was . . . every area that they could throw a bomb or shell, the Germans did it. And sometimes you wonder how come you're so . . . we were lucky, this . . .all other fellas gone, and there I'm still living, you know? Still living, it's a funny thing.

Mr. Parsons describes landing his truck at Normandy and seeing fellow soldiers dead on the beach.

Meta Data
Veterans Affairs Canada
Person Interviewed:
Ivan “Benny” Parsons
War, Conflict or Mission:
Second World War
Artillery Corps
Warrant Officer
Truck Driver

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