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Memoirs of Gordie Bannerman


I was born on a farm in southern Saskatchewan on September 13, 1921. The doctor got stuck in a snowdrift at our farm gate, so I was there before he arrived. My parents were Margaret and George Bannerman of Scotland. Dad came to Canada at the age of 20 and worked on farms. He joined the First Canadian Field Ambulance First Division, then proceeded overseas. He married my Mum while on leave. He had known her as a young girl on her father's farm where he worked before coming to Canada.

Being brought up on a farm, we never went hungry and the security of the home stayed with me all my life. Our home was filled with love. My mother was the greatest person that there ever was. I did what most farm kids did those first few years - chores and attending a one room school - grades one to eight.

Along came the thirties, depression, terrible dust storms that blew your farm into the next municipality, and if you were lucky maybe the wind changed and some blew back. The ditches drifted full, machinery and buildings were banked with drifted soil. The wind sighed, howled, and blew 24 hours a day, day after day. My mother always felt sorry for the animals. They would stand with their backs to the wind and their coats were blown full of sand.

Gordie’s Mom and Dad in 1919.

Enlistment and Training

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