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Fire and ice - Hockey and the Canadian military

defenceman with the Royal Canadian Navy hockey team, injured during a game

Hockey and the military have a lot in common. Strategy, discipline, commitment and camaraderie, all contribute to a winning team. Hockey and war have been connected in our country in many ways for more than a century, and countless hockey players of all skill levels have served in the military. From icy rinks in Europe and frozen rivers of Korea to dusty floors in Afghanistan, hockey has served to strengthen the troops as well as boost their morale. Numerous hockey trophies today honour our service men and women.


The relationship between hockey and our country’s military dates back more than a century.

Honour Roll

Honouring the fallen with ties to hockey.

Lesson plan

To increase youth awareness of Canadians who played hockey and died in military service over the years.

Personal stories

Experience the history of hockey in the Canadian military through personal recollections.

Photo gallery

Photos of hockey in the Canadian Armed Forces throughout the years.

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