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South African War

1899 – 1902

The South African War was a conflict between the British Empire and Dutch settlers, known as the Boers. It was fought in southern Africa from 1899 to 1902 and is also known as the Boer War. More than 7,000 Canadians volunteered for service alongside the British forces there. Our soldiers served with great distinction. Five of them earned the Victoria Cross for their impressive bravery.

Classroom materials

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Lesson plan: Ages 12-18

Canada and the South African War WebQuest

To give youth an understanding of the South African War and Canada's role in the conflict.

Lesson plan: Ages 12-18

Canadian Faces of the South African War

To increase students knowledge of Canada's participation in the South African War.

Lesson plan: Ages 12-18

40 Canadians

To introduce youth to the South African War through remembering the Canadians who died during that conflict.


11 October 1899

War breaks out between the Boer settlers and the British Empire

30 October 1899

The first contingent of Canadian soldiers set sail for southern Africa.

February 1900

Canadians contribute to a major victory in the Battle of Paardeberg

7 November 1900

Canadians fight in the Battle of Leliefontein

3 March 1902

Canadians fight in the Battle of Hart's River

31 May 1902

Treaty of Vereeniging is signed, ending the war in a British victory

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