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I think my time in Afghanistan had the most significant impact on me and in that remembrance. Like I said, I attended all of the Canadian repatriation ceremonies, the Canadians who fell while I was there but because we were the headquarters we, headquarters for the base we actually attended all of them so Brits and Americans and what not so tremendous loss of life but I don't necessarily think it was in vain. So I think positively upon the Canadian Forces and the contribution that they are making abroad and I guess pride of service really. Pride of service on behalf of myself and my husband and the sacrifices that we have collectively made. It's not just the person in uniform who is actually serving. I think it's the families who make as many sacrifices for Canadians and for the Canadian Armed Forces as it is for the members and sometimes we forget that. And I think that there are a lot of families who have suffered not just the loss of a family member but losses of opportunities and losses of those special occasions. So I think that when we remember we need to remember the member but also the families who have made that sacrifice and the ultimate sacrifice.

Ms. MacDonald reflects back on her time in the military and stresses the importance of remembering those who were lost as well as their families who suffer as well.

Jo-Anne MacDonald

Ms. Jo-Anne MacDonald was born in 1960 in Ajax, Ontario. At the age of 18 Ms. MacDonald chose to join the Canadian Forces. Having graduated from high school, Ms. MacDonald realized her passion for sports, adventure and hopes of securing employment, a military career would be the right path for a successful future. In 1979, Ms. MacDonald enrolled in a Regular Officer Training program and accepted her first posting to Comox, British Columbia where she remained for four years and during this time met her husband who was also in the military at the time.. A time when women were unable to attend military college, Ms. MacDonald did her undergraduate degree at a civilian university, spending her summer months in Chiliwack, British Columbia doing basic officer training as well as speciality training in the logistics program and accepted her occupation as a Logistics Finance Officer. Although she considered her process a very traditional career path within this field, Ms. MacDonald was provided many positive and life changing experiences. Ms.. MacDonald eventually accepted a four year posting to Trenton, Ontario reuniting with her husband and being what she considers the best four years of her career. She was part of Wing Controller 8 Wing Trenton and held rank of Major. During this time Ms. MacDonald accepted her first deployment to Nairobi, Africa as part of a recce team. As her career continued, Ms. MacDonald also deployed to Afghanistan holding rank of Colonel (CJ8) under a Multinational NATO led Headquarters unit as financial technical expert. After 31 years of service, Ms. MacDonald retired from the military and continues to work in her field of expertise.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
November 22, 2013
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Jo-Anne MacDonald
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Canadian Armed Forces
Air Force

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