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Shooting a Fifth Columnist

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Shooting a Fifth Columnist

Another sergeant and I had caught a guy sneaking around the hills. We didn’t know what he was and our orders had been that if you see anything suspicious apprehend him and bring him in. So when we yelled at him, he wouldn’t stop. So this guy I was with shot him, but he rolled down a hill. So we had to go down, by the time we got him to pick him up he was dead. And he had just a very light shirt on, we yanked his shirt open for some reason and here he had indelible oriental characters all over his chest. So we figured that didn’t seem normal so we picked him up, we were going to take him back to company headquarters but we had to carry the sucker about 200 yards up a steep hill. So I told Steve, “Next time you shoot one of these guys, let me know and I’ll catch him on the way down.” Anyway, it turned out we got back and Intelligence figured out that he was a Fifth Columnist of some kind because all these marking were related to all our gun emplacements and stuff, not only ours but all the defense.

Mr. Gyselman describes the shooting of a Fifth Columnist who refuses to halt when challenged. A search of the body reveals maps of the Canadian positions drawn in ink.

Harry Gyselman

Harry Gyselman was born on February 11, 1920 in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan. His father left the insurance business to farm, but went broke during the depression. After his father’s death, Mr. Gyselman worked odd jobs to support his family. Initially interested in joining the Air Force, he opted to join a friend who was enlisting with the Winnipeg Grenadiers. Mr. Gyselman was a truck driver during the battle of Hong Kong, and was in the POW camp in Niigata, Japan when the war ended. He has the distinction of being the first Canadian POW to reach mainland North America after the war.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
October 10, 2000
Person Interviewed:
Harry Gyselman
War, Conflict or Mission:
Second World War
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Winnipeg Grenadiers
Truck Driver

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