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Tokyo and Yokohama are Firebombed.

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Tokyo and Yokohama are Firebombed.

Of course we started getting the bombing raids and then the ships that would go out, we even noticed that some ships went out on trials and would come back with holes in them, so we knew that the navy, allied navy was out there not far away and, of course, the B29’s were coming over quite regular now. We were there the night that they made a swath right across Yokohama and Tokyo about a mile wide they just flattened it, and that was quite a night I’ll tell ya. The place was lit up all night from these exploding bombs and fires so they moved us out of there shortly after that, they couldn’t take us to work because of the situation and so they moved us up to northern Japan and I worked in a blacksmith shop and most of the other fellas worked in the mine and my job was just slinging a sledge hammer all day.

Mr. Gerrard describes evidence that America is closing in on Japan. He describes ships returning to Yokohama badly holed by American attacks. The firebombing of Tokyo and Yokohama which disables the shipyard and levels much of both cities is also a vivid memory.

Horace Gerrard

Although born in England on January 19, 1922, Mr. Gerrard's family emigrated to Red Deer, Alberta where his father died when he was six years old. Once he was old enough, he hunted game to help feed his family as well as cutting wood for heat. Mr. Gerrard left school after grade nine, working at odd jobs. He joined the 78th Field Battery as a reserve when he was sixteen. He later joined the permanent force in 1939 with the 5th Heavy Battery. Eventually Mr. Gerrard joined the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, with whom he served in Hong Kong. He worked with both British and Canadian battalions during the Battle of Hong Kong, before being taken prisoner by the Japanese.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Horace Gerrard
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Second World War
Hong Kong
Royal Canadian Signals Corps

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