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Veterans Journey To The Netherlands

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Veterans Journey To The Netherlands


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Interviewer: Today you probably have a lot of emotions as you head to the Netherlands in celebration of the 70th Anniversary. Tell us how you feel? Edwin Arsenault: Well I feel good in a way. It brings back a lot of memories. That’s where I was when the war ended. Interviewer: So at the end of the war you were in Holland? Edwin Arsenault: Holland. Yes. I remember an officer told us one morning “If you see any Germans don’t fire. And don’t worry you got the same rules.” So we were dug in and the end of the field the Germans were at the other end of it. So we got out of our holes and start walking. The Germans did the same. We were waving at each other. Interviewer: Tell us what Interviewer: Tell us what it’s like for yourself to have this experience. Jim Warford: Oh that’s hard to put into words. We went to France last year and the feeling there was, you know, going back to that it brought back so many memories and that’s what’s gonna happen in Holland because I spent a lot of time in Holland. Interviewer: He was one of those soldiers who didn’t get to come home. John Preece: No. Interviewer: And if you have the strength to share with us the feelings you have. You’re gonna be there. John Preece: Well I feel that it’s melancholy in that I don’t’ feel good about his having such a wonderful man to do what he did. To give me his only shovel and why did he look upon me. I was a young guy obviously he thought he was doing me a big favour, you know. Where did that kindness. When you talk about humanity sometimes, we talk about the bad thing. Where did that come from? What this man feels, it was a certain gift and then to, and then to get… Lloyd Swick: I must go, one of the first things, and pay my respects at the Holten Cemetery.

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Veterans thoughts on visiting the Netherlands.

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April 30, 2015

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