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Visit to Kamp Westerbork / Flower-laying ceremony at National Westerbork Memorial

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Visit to Kamp Westerbork / Flower-laying ceremony at National Westerbork Memorial

Guy Gagné: War, according to me, make no winners, the only thing it does is destruction.When I came back, I had bad memories every day of what had happened there. You have to do it, to live through it to understand what war is. Father Robert Green: Je crois que de tout ce que nous avons fait en Hollande, et je suis revenu dans ce pays plusieurs fois depuis les dernières 34 années, ceci est l’expérience la plus émouvante. Daniel Ruiz-Gomar: It’s a once in a lifetime experience to share that with him, to see how it’s important for him. It’s a new side of him that I discover; he hasn’t been always so eager to share his Second World War experiences so for me it’s an incredible chance to learn more about him, to get closer to him. Canada Wordmark

As part of the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands, Canadian Veterans visit Kamp Westerbork for a private flower-laying ceremony at the National Westerbork Cemetery. Kamp Westerbork, located approximately 15 kilometres outside of the village of Westerbork, Netherlands, was the site of a large transit and work camp where more than 100,000 Jews, gypsies and resistance members were taken during the Second World War. On April 12, 1945, Kamp Westerbork was liberated and 876 prisoners freed when the Canadian Army came upon the camp.

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May 8, 2015

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