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Moving on to the Next Chapter of Life

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Moving on to the Next Chapter of Life

I have a young family. I have two boys; Wesley and Tommy and they’re seven and nine. And that’s my focus and my wife Kelly, who’s also served. She has served in Afghanistan. She had seven months there in 2010 and was in the Persian Gulf with the Navy after September 11th so we have had years of separation between us and that has taken its toll as well, it’s hard to re-integrate with your loved one sometimes. But I have got to really move on to the next chapter and my military time is behind me but I mean it’ll always be there in my mind and my heart, I support it still. I am proud of the accomplishments I made and I played a very small part in a lot bigger events but I reflect back and I think that maybe there are some things I would have done personally different or maybe taken my own advice and not thought too much about things or let myself get personally attached to things but I am proud of my service and how I was guided along the way by my mentors and my leadership. I am proud of those who served alongside me and I know through their actions and what we did, my comrades and people around me, everything we did was for the guy beside you and the mission and yes I am proud of what we have done and what we accomplished

Mr. Palmer shares a personal story of the focus he has now for family life now that he is retired from the military and the personal satisfaction he enjoys from his accomplishments during his military career.

Phil Palmer

Mr. Phil Palmer was born October 16, 1969 in Calgary, Alberta. Mr. Palmer’s desire for the military started at a very young age as he always knew someday he would join. After graduating from high school, Mr. Palmer immediately enlisted in the military. Mr. Palmer joined the infantry with the Royal Canadian Regiment, was a member of the Airborne Regiment as a Paratrooper 3 Commando and later transferred to the Intelligence Operations as an Intelligence Operator. Over the course of 26 years, Mr. Palmer deployed to areas of Somalia, Bosnia and two deployments to Afghanistan. Mr. Palmer discharged from the military and now resides in Ottawa with his wife and family.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
December 9, 2014
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Phil Palmer
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Canadian Armed Forces

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