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It’s Hard to Come Back Home

Heroes Remember

It’s Hard to Come Back Home

When I came back I said I wasn’t in very good shape, mind wise, you know, my body was okay but I did a lot of drinking. I couldn’t relax, you know, I couldn’t sit down and relax. The only thing I knew was drinking, pass out and that was my relaxation I suppose but I didn’t do any drugs. Then I met my wife about a year after I came back and she tried to control me, she looked after me anyway because I must have had about twenty jobs, job from job, I couldn’t for some reason, I couldn’t control a job, I suppose I don’t know what it was. When I was in the army you were told what to do and you do it, you know, and I didn’t have to do it with too much thinking of course I never had too much education anyway. So I was going from job to job and that and she stuck by me all the time, you know. That’s what I feel now. I can’t sit back and relax and close my eyes and relax. I get this feeling like something is going to happen. Something is going to blow, you know, and I’m going to have it or something, that’s the feeling. When I go home now and in the night time I have got a television in my bedroom and I set it on a timer and I set that off until I goes to sleep. I can’t just sit back and relax. I get too, I don’t know what the feeling is, and it’s an awful feeling.

Mr. England recalls the emotions surrounding his homecoming from Korea.

Douglas England

Mr. Doug England was born February 9, 1931 in St. John’s, Newfoundland. He was the oldest son of five children and at the young age of ten, he lost his mother and was cared for by his grandparents. Later, in his teenage years, Mr. England joined the Reserves and at the age of 19 transferred to active force. He joined the Royal Canadian Engineers and volunteered for service in the Korean War. After the war, Mr. England returned home to St. John’s and married. To this day, Mr. England volunteers at the local legions with a strong focus on commemorating the Korean War.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
November 10, 2015
Person Interviewed:
Douglas England
War, Conflict or Mission:
Korean War
Royal Canadian Engineer
Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO)

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