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National Peacekeepers Day - Peackeepers Employed at VAC

Canadian Armed Forces

National Peacekeepers Day - Peackeepers Employed at VAC

National Peacekeepers Day August 9, 2017 Peacekeepers Employed at VAC Helen Creswell Military Admin Clerk Haiti. My name is Helen Creswell, I spent 16 years in the military as an Administration Clerk. I did a tour of duty in Haiti in 1995. We were the first contingent in, and I loved every minute of my DND career, and I’m proud to be serving at Veterans Affairs Canada here in Charlottetown. Dave Burchell, Radio/Teletype Operator, Yugoslavia. My name is Dave Burchell, I spent 17 years with the military both as a Radio Operator and a Teletype Operator. My one tour was with the Royal 22e Régiment in Yugoslavia, and it was during the time when the Van Doos actually were taken captive at the bridge. So, the tour was a very eventful one. The rest of my career was spent wonderfully. I serve here at Veterans Affairs now in Disability and Adjudication, and we are doing the Retrospective Lump Sum Payments for the Veterans, so this is very worthwhile and fantastic job we’re doing right now. Joanne Crombie, Army Logistics Officer, Sinai Desert. My name is Joanne Crombie, and I spent 33 years in the Canadian Forces as an Army Logistics Officer, and now working at Veterans Affairs Canada in the Veteran Priority Program Secretariat. I had a great career in the Canadian Forces ,and one of the highlights was the year that I spent in the Sinai Desert in Egypt, with the Multi-National Force and Observers. Alex Grant, Royal Canadian Navy, Sea of Japan. Hi, I’m Alex Grant, I spent 30 years with the Royal Canadian Navy. In 1999, we’re as part of Operation Augmentation, did some peacekeeping in the Sea of Japan. I’m very thankful to Veterans Affairs for giving me a second chance at serving Canadians. #RememberThem Canada

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August 3, 2017

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