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The Sights of Wounded and Dead

Heroes Remember

The Sights of Wounded and Dead

I got the messages back and forth and I heard that some men of the Essex Scottish had penetrated a town and I think about seven or eight of them had and I passed that message back and Brigadier General… he was supposed to be the GSO, one he was a lieutenant colonel when he was promoted away from us but he was brought back for this raid, Churchill men. He ordered the reserve unit, the FMR, to go in and support what he thought was success. And I got on the air as only a sergeant and I didn’t even wait for the brigade major to say anything, I said, “What the hell are you doing? It’s an absolute disaster out there. You have committed them to death!” He says, “I’m sorry but they’re committed, they’re gone.”

Mr. Hart provides details of action taken on the beach by the artillery as he positioned himself on the landing craft.

David Hart

Mr. Hart was born in Montreal, Quebec on July 8, 1917. One of seven boys, Mr. Hart joined the army reserves and high school cadets later graduating from college as an accountant. Joining with the Fourth Divisional Signals in 1937, he then joined active service August 1939. Mr. Hart continued on with his service as a signalman with the Royal Canadian Corps Second Divisional Signals taking part in The Dieppe Raid as a sergeant. For his part in this historical event, Mr. Hart received the Military Medal for bravery, awarded to him by His Majesty King George VI at Buckingham Palace. Upon returning to Canada, Mr. Hart continued on with his accounting career. Having great pride for his service, Mr. Hart has returned to Dieppe six times and with this being the 75th Anniversary of the Dieppe Raid, along with his wife and son, he will be joining the Canadian delegation in recognition of this commemorative event. At 100 years of age, Mr. Hart continues to enjoy life with his wife of 99 years of age, still residing in their own home. Mr. Hart continues to promote the importance of the Dieppe Raid so that Canadians will truly understand the sacrifice that was given during this battle. He and his wife now reside in Montreal, Quebec.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
August 15, 2017
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David Hart
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Second World War
Royal Canadian Corps Second Divisional Signals

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